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Betting in Soccer or any sport for that matter is all about making the right decision about the outcome.... Read More

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Factors That Affect Betting in Soccer

Betting in Soccer or any sport for that matter is all about making the right decision about the outcome. If you are betting on a team to win the league, then you should consider all factors to assess how possible it is for the team to win. Similarly, you can also bet on a team getting relegated. Relegation is when a team in a higher division loses and is pushed to a lower division due to lower rankings. Betting, therefore, requires you to understand the game, its teams, their strengths and weaknesses and betting on the outcomes based on the information. In asentence, betting is understanding possible outcomes of a game, what the odds are of a certain outcome and placing your wager on the same.

While it might seem simple, what is difficult is predicting the outcome with accuracy. This is because there are too many factors to consider and it is very difficult to assign probabilities to possible outcomes. What is necessary is to make informed judgments based on the factors that will possibly affect a game. Some may be relevant and some not so much but understanding what to take into consideration and which factors will significantly improve your chances will improve your chances of a win greatly.

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So, let us examine some of the factors that should influence the wager decision.

  1. Head-to-Head: Generally, this should not influence your thoughts much. It should make a difference to you only if one team performs better than the other consistently. Then that should be taken into consideration.
  2. Weather: Weather is a key factor that should be considered. While it is impossible to predict weather accurately, you should have an idea about possible rain on the day of the game. Heavy rain can seriously affect the result especially if one team plays a lot more physically than the other.
  3. Playing form of the Team: By keeping a score on the players and their form in games- small or big prior to the main game will give you an idea of the form. Many times, players in a good zone tend to play very well and it seems like they can do nothing wrong. Tracking these things can be critical when you are making your wager.
  4. Discipline: A team’s discipline says remarkable things about how they play a game. If they score poorly on that front, you must watch out if it is a game against a team that draws a lot of fouls. The last thing you want is a send-off or a red card.
  5. Home Wins and Wins away from Home: Home advantages are always factored into the odds since it is common knowledge that players tend to fare better on home grounds. So, the home team is pitched as the favorite in evenly matched games. But, you need to also understand how the other team performs. Sometimes, certain teams have a bad reputation for losing games on home turf and there you have learned something of value which you can make use of.
  6. Schedule of Play: Schedules have a huge part to play. Tightly packed schedules where teams are playing too many games within a brief period are tested to the maximum- physically and mentally as well. These players are more prone to injuries too. This can adversely affect your team and therefore you should keep an eye on the schedule. Sometimes, they may be playing easy games (not very tough opponents) but the travel may be too tough on the players affecting their game.
  7. Injuries and suspensions of key players: At the peak of the game, there is a possibility of suspension or injuries